About Course List

We aim to showcase the best online courses on the web. We looked for a list of online courses that wasn’t awful and we couldn’t find one. So we built one instead. We hope you like it.

The rules for being featured on Course List are simple. Your course has to:

  1. Have more than 100 paying students.
  2. Be at least 1 month old.
  3. Be available for purchase as a stand-alone course (i.e. not on SkillShare or similar subscription platforms).
  4. Be remarkable at educating.

Beyond that, as this is a curated list of courses we think are the most helpful, most well designed, most knowledge shared by experts. So not all courses will be accepted and we reserve the right to not showcase a course for any reason. Our goal is to recognize the best online courses in the world, taught by the leading experts in their niche.

Your online course boyfriends,
Paul & Zack