Chimp Essentials, $274

Go from MailChump to MailChamp with MailChimp.

In just a few minutes a day, you can watch bite-sized video lessons that can instantly work for your mailing list. Get instant access to 39 short lessons to help you grow your audience, get smarter about email marketing & make money from your newsletter. Let’s take your MailChimp mailing list from a business expense to a source of revenue.

Taught by: Paul Jarvis

Course Rating 5

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Zack says:

Such a great course! Super excited to put this all to use.

Melissa says:

Thank goodness for this course! I’d still be stuck with a confusing, repetitive list labyrinth without it. 🙏

Paul says:

This is the best MailChimp course ever.

Adam says:

I love this course. Paul really knows MailChimp and this will change your email marketing game, hands down.

Lisa says:

I’ve learned new tricks plus enjoyed the super design!


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