Plan Your Novel: 30-Day Writing Challenge Home study course, $80

Planning for Non-Planners: Get Ready to Write Your Novel

We help you think and write through the steps to create your novel, from character development to plot structure to theme and world building, so that you can start writing your novel prepared. We know you’re busy with other obligations AND you want to be writing. Well, you can, in manageable bite-sized pieces. Plan your novel in a way that fits into your life.

Taught by: Beth Barany

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Carol says:

Plan Your Novel is a pivotal workshop for preparing to write a novel during November, National Novel Writing Month. Beth covers the essentials of crafting compelling and emotionally appealing characters, research for in-depth plotting and outlining, exploration of correct practices for scene-setting possibilities, and how to build beautiful, believable worlds for your characters to live in. She gives the students all the tools he/she will need to have their novel so organized and formulated, that writing 50,000 words during NaNo is a breeze, or at least, less challenging. She takes the fear out of preparation, even for folks like me who basically write by the seat of our pants. Preparation proceeds power — the power to write a stellar book because all the leg work has been completed and the writers will understand their novel so well that the words will flow out like water. I’ve taken her course a couple of times and each time I have written a well-thought out, well-prepared novel. A course like Beth’s is long overdue in the writing world. I send her my most heart-felt gratitude for the inspiration she gives.


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